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Each year, the Board of Directors adopts priorities that set the guidelines and goals for Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc.(MPAS). Input is gathered from individuals with disabilities, their families and friends. Feedback is also solicited from professionals, partners within the disability community and agency staff. Information is gathered at training, through the use of surveys, and at community forums.

  • They are legally protected from abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • They are free to choose where and with whom they live and can determine what supports are needed
  • Equal employment opportunities are available
  • Communities are accessible and inclusive
  • Equal access to affordable, quality health care is available
  • Children with disabilities are provided a quality education with all supports and accommodations needed to develop marketable skills
  • Individuals with disabilities fully enjoy the rights, benefits, and privileges the law guarantees

Latest Advocacy Topics

Older woman with caregiver

Eliminate Abuse and Neglect

Many individuals with disabilities reside in correctional institutions, psychiatric facilities, adult foster care homes or child caring institutions. Unfortunately, they are often subjected to abuse...
Photo of a gavel

Increase the Protection of Voting Rights and the Rights of Individuals with Representative Payees

Individuals with disabilities have certain rights regarding services and treatment. Organizations providing care or services have an obligation to abide by these regulations. Under the law, if an...
Photo of a man and a woman working on a computer

Increase Access to Integrated, Competitive Employment

Employment can often be a vehicle to independence, identity, social engagement, and other beneficial characteristics. Unfortunately, people with disabilities have been consistently underrepresented...
photo of sign indicating accessible entrance to courts

Improve Access to Services

Adequate supports and services are vital to the overall well-being of all individuals in Michigan. People with all types of disabilities are able to successfully transition and live within the...
Photo of students in a classroom

Ensure the Right to a High Quality Education

MPAS believes that children and young adults with disabilities deserve an educational experience geared towards similar outcomes to that of their typically-abled peers.  This experience should be...