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Ensure the Right to High Quality Education

Photo of students in a classroom

MPAS believes that children and young adults with disabilities deserve an educational experience geared towards similar outcomes to that of their typically-abled peers.  This experience should be appropriate, inclusive and absent of discrimination and stigma.  MPAS finds bullying and practices such as restraint and seclusion in schools to be unacceptable and supports policies which act to eliminate both.  MPAS supports an educational system that promotes self sufficiency and independence in the community. 


5A. Students with disability-related behavior will be identified and evaluated for special education.

5B. Eligible students at risk of discipline or push-out due to disability-related behavior will remain in school.

5C. Graduation rates for students with disabilities in one or more districts identified for action in FY2019 will be equivalent to graduation rates for that district as a whole.

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