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Health Care/Insurance/Benefits

Some adults and children with disabilities have specific health care needs and may struggle to find adequate care. Affordable insurance is needed to meet their health care needs.  Read the following to learn more about insurance and health care.

Some low-income residents of Michigan can now get health care benefits through the Healthy Michigan Plan. Enrollment began on April 1, 2014. Residents can enroll at anytime.

Information can be found at the Healthy Michigan Plan website including:

  • EligibilityCoverage
  • Costs
  • Applications
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan residents can enroll online at, by phone, or in person.

MPAS cannot assist you enroll in the Healthy Michigan Plan but we can direct you to the appropriate resources.

Household’s receiving food assistance might be able to increase their benefits by deducting medical expenses.  You may be eligible if you are age 60 or older or have a disability and receive federal benefits including SSI, Social Security or Veterans Administration benefits. 

Michigan Legal Help has information and resources on Medicaid Appeals and other public benefits.

For additional information read the agency priority Improve Access to Services.

Check back often; we will be adding and updating information frequently.