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Insurance and Affordable Care Act

This page contains information about health insurance, your rights, the new requirements under the Affordable Care Act; and ways to handle problems or complain. 

General Information about Health Insurance

Other Insurance Protections

People who may get insurance through COBRA or already use COBRA benefits may be able to buy less expensive health insurance through the Marketplace.  Those getting COBRA benefits or are eligible for COBRA benefits may sign up for another health plan through the Marketplace during a special enrollment period through July 1, 2014.

This special enrollment period is only for: (1) those who become eligible for COBRA, and (2) when a person's COBRA coverage is exhausted.  
People should contact the Marketplace Call center at 1-800-318-2596 to activate this special enrollment period. They should tell the Marketplace call center that they are calling about their COBRA benefits and the Marketplace.
The link above has information about Special Enrollment Periods and Hardship Exemptions that may be available for individuals meeting certain criteria.

Changes in Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act

Complaints or Appeals

For more information and help:

  • The Michigan Department of Insurance & Financial Services (DIFS) can answer questions about your rights when you have health insurance, and how to file a complaint or appeal against your health plan. Staff can also tell you about the new insurance rules from the Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Marketplace. Call 517-373-0220 or 877-999-6442 (Toll-Free) if you have questions.
This is the federal information center to get information about the Affordable Care Act. You can also get help to sign up for insurance through the new Health Insurance Marketplace. You can also apply online on-line or apply by paper.  You can ask questions or get help by calling anytime, or you can use the live chat on the website.


Navigators help people to apply for insurance on the Marketplace and to select a health insurance plan. They must be impartial. There are four companies in Michigan paid to be Navigators.