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MPAS Priorities and Objectives for FY 2019

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Priority #1:  Eliminate abuse and neglect

  • Objective 1A:  Individuals with disabilities will not be subjected to restraint or seclusion.
  • Objective 1B:  Individuals with disabilities will not be subjected to abuse or neglect, including inappropriate or coercive treatments.
  • Objective 1C:  MPAS will identify and focus advocacy efforts at one or more state psychiatric institutions to reduce abuse and neglect.

Priority #2:  Increase the protection of voting rights and the rights of individuals with representative payees

  • Objective 2A: Individuals with disabilities will not be deprived of their voting rights.
  • Objective 2B:  Representative payees identified by the Social Security Administration will be reviewed for compliance with federal requirements.

Priority 3:  Increase access to integrated, competitive employment

  • Objective 3A:  Improve access and rights to services within vocational rehabilitation and centers for independent living
  • Objective 3B:  Individuals with disabilities will have employment options in the competitive and integrated workforce.
  • Objective 3C: Individuals with disabilities will have access to social security work incentives.
  • Objective 3D:  Transition needs from post education to integrated, community employment will be identified and addressed.

Priority 4:  Improve access to services

  • Objective 4A:  Individuals with disabilities will be assured services, including housing, transportation and assistive technology, identified to support them in the community and prevent institutionalization or segregation.  
  • Objective 4B:  Individuals with disabilities will have access to services, including assistive technology, which supports them in institutional/facility/service provider settings in order to promote discharge and community inclusion.

Priority 5:  Ensure the right to a high-quality education

  • Objective 5A:  Students with disability-related behavior will be identified and evaluated for special education.
  • Objective 5B:  Eligible students at risk of discipline or push-out due to disability-related behavior will remain in school.
  • Objective 5C:  Graduation rates for students with disabilities in one or more districts identified for action in FY2019 will be equivalent to graduation rates for that district as a whole. 


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